The professional counsellor at Thesolutions help students and their parents in selecting a school, college or university that is apt for the child. The one which will match the interest and aptitude of the student. And the one which will foster child’s academic and social growth, thereby giving a bright future. Each student and their parents get individualized attention, first-hand knowledge regarding hundreds of school, colleges and universities, and to explore different options. Each student that come to the institute is not just a statistic or a case, but their responsibility. Advisors work as a facilitator who tries to build bridges between achievements and aspirations.

The professionals working here have extensive knowledge of different institutes, they can broaden the choices of a student, and ultimately provide help in decision making by considering factors such as academic cost, location, curriculum,procedure of admission, etc. However, seeking admission in a decent school or college will not remain your dream as with the help of Thesolutions you can get spot admission for paramedical courses or for that matter spot admission for degree that you aspire.

Following are the services that will be proffered here:-

  • Students are provided with all the details of an institute that offer courses as per their requirement and also assist in applying for the same in different school, college and university.
  • Thesolutions guides students with respect to admission on management and NRI quota basis.
  • Students seek help from Thesolutions because of their reliability and customized solution.
  • Apart from admission guidance, career counselling session is also given to students. The sessions are conducted in a structured manner to show students the right path.
  • Also, if you need direct admission in private universities or colleges, Thesolutions can help you with that too.



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